Monday, April 21, 2014

Episode 87: Intergalactic Planetary

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If you want to catch up on the episodes released prior to this, you can either go to the www.expectantknitter.blogspot.comto see life before Ro. Or you can go part way back to the beginning of the Plus 1 adventure, that started with Ro’s birth. Episode 1 is available here… the Knitting Samurai Plus 1 Episode 1.
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Knitting Time:

I am totally on a sock jag!  If you've been watching for a while you know I get like this, finished two pairs and have so much momentum.  Want to cast on all the socks!  To carry this forward thought I start an Interesting Pair Socks Contest.  Post a picture in the thread of your most inspired, interesting, crazy, wild socks between now and 5/2 when I'll next record and pull the winner for a skein of Into The Whirled yarn.

Socks for Dad in Regia Snowflake Colors color way 7709 using US 0 - 2.0mm needles for a 2x2 Rib. Blips of color, not fair isle effect or a colorwork effect of any sort to my eye.

Opal Socks I love: in Opal 4-Fach colorway 7126 Maurer using US size 0s - mm needles for a 2x2 toe up Rib. 32sts cast on for the toe.

Oldest Anything Socks!  Regia Galaxy Color circa July 2009!  Color 1559 using US size 0s - 2.0mm needles for a 2x2 top up Rib sock.  Want a more rounded toe, cast on 32sts.  Color flashing, which I typically dislike looks great in these since it's intentional!  Go figure.

The Martina Behm's new pattern Tubularity! Using US size 3s - 3.25mm needles. First section wth Jill Drapper Makes Suff Splendor Sock Yarn in Spinach. Second section in Miss Babs Yummy Superwash Sock & Baby Yarn in Zombie Prom. Third section started with Miss Babs Yummy in Impatience. Will also include Inspiration Dyeworks. 6 sections rather than the 7, have full skeins so I'll divid total yardage by 6 rather than 7 to know how much to use of each.

Peekaboo Mitts by Abi Gregorio using Dragonfly Fibers Traveller in the Ruby, Ruby colorway using US size 7s 4.5mm needles. 

Beaded Fair Isle Hat by Laura Irwin from Boutique Knits using Dragon Fly Fibers Traveller in Ruby Ruby and Three Ewes Twisted in Fiber Shepard DK in Galatic Storm. US size 7s - 4.5mm needles. 

Vivid by TinCanKnits with Berroco Vintage in US size 7s, 4.5mm needles. 17th Square in progress.


Sockhead Hat! with Rhinebeck Yarn! double intention. Sockhead hat by Kelly McClure using Into the Whirled Ulundi Yarn in the October 2013 Club Colorway 221B. Using US size 2.5 - 3.0mm needles. We'll see.

Questionable Socks?

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