Sunday, March 2, 2014

Episode 82: Project Overload

Steph is the Knittingsamurai on Ravelry and Instagram.  There is Ravelry Discussion Group for this podcast Knitting Samurai Plus 1 please join! We just crossed over 1,000 members! Feel free to start any topic you’d like in there.  I’m easy going.
If you want to catch up on the episodes released prior to this, you can either go way back and check out the 33 episodes of the Expectant Knitter at www.expectantknitter.blogspot.comOr you can go part way back to the beginning of the Plus 1 adventure, that started with Ro’s birth.  Episode 1 is available here… the Knitting Samurai Plus 1 Episode 1.

The Blip Thing:
I’m not comfortable walking away from Itunes.Personally I watch podcasts through Itunes, and I can see that 2/3rds of you watch me there.
Going forward the podcast will be hosted through the NEW wordpress blog: you watch through Itunes, you’ll need to go in and re-subscribe to the podcast. Just search for “Knitting Samurai” and the two versions (Blips & Wordpress) will pop-up.You want to subscribe to the new grey icon, not the original purple one.That will ensure that you don’t miss an episode when Blip stops feeding itunes.

Moving to wordpress will only allow for hosting the 10 most current episodes.Ideally I’d love them all to be up there, but the hosting fees would be exorbitant for something that I do as a hobby.The yearly cost of hosting 10 episodes at my current file size, seemed very reasonable to me. 
Wordpress: http://knittingsamuraiplus1.wordpress.comwill have the 10 most recent episodes, and feed them to Itunes.

Blip and Blogger: http://knittingsamuraiplus1.blogspot.comwill have the entire back catalog available for viewing in the Blip player, not on itunes.

I hope this pleases everyone.

Knitting Time:

Toddler T-Shirt Vest by Sam Lamb for Thing 2!  Using Rico Designs Essentials Soft Merino Aran that I got in London this summer. Main color is 036 Royal Navy, then 038 Navy Blue, and highlights of 049 Teal. US size 8s - 5.0mm needles. 

Puffin Vest by Sam Lamb for Thing 2! Cast on and finished the first sweater for him! Using Leading Men Fiber Arts in Show Stopper in Puffin Colorway.  Christmas Gift from Dad, Knit by Mom, for Thing 2.  Held yarn double and just love it!  Pleasent surprise!  US size 7s - 4.5mm needles. Free Pattern.

Twins T-Shirt Vest by Sam Lamb for Jackie's little ones.  Using Claudia Handpaints Fingering in Blue Fields Colorway and Louet Gems Sport Weight in Green Jay colorway.  Not a fan of them together.  US size 7s - 4.5mm needles.

Sugared Violets Socks in Knit Picks Felici in Sugared Violets color. Knit on US size 0s - 2.0mm needles. 2x2 rib. Following LaLa's After Thought Heel Pattern.  Sock Classifieds for JKelly70.

Cast on a second pair of Magic Slippers by Carol Hegwer the Fibernymph Dye Works Happy Camper club color Look Into Their Eyes for Ro. Again with US size 3s - 3.25mm needles. Mods here: Held double for the sole only. Knit sole 5.5" before toe decrease. 6" foot. Finished and he ran away with it. I did tell him it was for him! Really is a bit too small. Will figure out the slipper thing. Patternwhisper recommended a pair, so may try those next.
Socks for Dad in Regia Snowflake Colors color way 7709 using US 0 - 2.0mm needles for a 2x2 Rib. Blips of color, not fair isle effect or a colorwork effect of any sort to my eye.
Sockhead Hat! with Rhinebeck Yarn! double intention. Sockhead hat by Kelly McClure using Into the Whirled Ulundi Yarn in the October 2013 Club Colorway 221B. Fitting Sherlock is on. Using US size 2.5 - 3.0mm needles. We'll see.
Brought the Vivid back to life! Vivid by TinCanKnits with Berroco Vintage in US size 7s, 4.5mm needles. Finished 11th Green square.

Fox Hat for Ro
Baby Blanket from 60 Quick Baby Blankets
Hibernating:Slippers! First 1 for me is finished. Don't really understand them. Seamless Salomas Slipper Pattern by Megan Williams. Holding Inspiration Dyeworks Fluffy held double in the Turquoise Thunder Colorway. US size 6s - 4.0mm needles.

Questionable Socks?

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