Saturday, April 20, 2013

Episode 51: Small Wonders

Steph is Knittingsamurai on Ravelry and there is also a discussion group for this podcast Knitting Samurai Plus 1 and Expectant Knitter Podcast.

If you want to catch up on the episodes released prior to this, check out Or if you want to start with the very first Knitting Samurai Plus 1 Episode click here.
Goth Socks for me!  2x2 Rib using US size 1s, 2.25mm needles.  Inspiration Dyeworks Basic Sock in the Goth Sock color.

2x2 rib socks for my Memere. Using US size 1.5, 2.5 mm needles, Paton Kroy Sox Ragg Shades in Blue Striped Ragg. Just a simple 2x2 rib.

The Pebbled Beanie by Elisabeth F. Parker from Weekend Hats using Schaefer Nichole in the Empress Wu Zhao colorway. Using US size 2.5, 3 mm needles.

Chadwick the Shakespearean Caterpiller by Rebecca Danger using Knit Picks Felici Sport in the color Dockside using US size 2 - 2.75mm needles.
Dinossaur's Binkit by Sandra Boynton is Roland's favorite Book.

Franken-Dinosaur is a mix of Rebecca Danger patterns. Harold the Houseplant Monster's Feet, Dot the Dress Up Box Monster's Legs, Terence the Tap Dancing T-Rex's Body, Head, and Tail, Sherman the Stegosaur's scales. Using US size 1 - 2.25mm needles

Knitty and Color new Yarn is part of the TriDye Sea Creatures Club.

Hide and Sheep

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