Sunday, March 11, 2012

Announcement –it’s good and about Prizes, don’t worry!

First off, I’d really like to see the Ravelry group grow. 

Second, I’ve fallen down miserably in my quest to keep the stash at least the same size or smaller than it was on January 1st 2012.

Third, everyone likes prizes.

Together that gives me an idea.  Going forward I’m going to do a lot I mean A LOT more prizes on the podcast.  And the most frequent prize is going to be for The Plus One Fellows.

What are the Plus One Fellows (besides being a pun on Roland’s name)?   You are the Plus One Fellows, so every time we have 50 or more new members in the group I’ll do a drawing.  Currently we’re at 201 member so when we hit 250, I’ll do a prize drawing for all members, original and new.  The faster we grow the more prizes, the more prizes coming out of my stash the happier I’ll be, and the more prizes sent out, the happier you’ll be.  It’s a triple win!

I plan to also offer up lots of yarn!  And sock yarn takes the total stash number down the fastest.  In addition to that I’m going to throw in some lightly used project bags that deserve a more loving home.  Books, patterns, etc.  Anything that’s languishing in my stash with no hope of making it onto the needles.  Maybe even some needles!  We’ll see. 

In addition to the Plus One Fellows Prizes, I’m also going to start prize drawing for each Episode where I’ll show the yarn up for grabs and then open a thread where you can enter to win.  The winner will be drawn on the next episode.  

I hope this sounds good and will generate some buzz for the show.  SO the next show, mid-March is going to be packed with prize drawings to get this started with a bang!

So first up, I’m going to offer up this skein of FibranaturaYummy. 
It’s a Superwash Sport weight yarn in  the color 41353 Eggplant.  To enter please go to the discussion board on the Raverly Group and leave a comment telling me what is your most interesting (or favorite) WIP.

So if you’re reading this on the blog, and you’d like to get in on the prize drawings, go over to the Knitting Samurai Plus One group on Ravelry, join up, leave a comment and maybe you’ll win!

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